We offer Group Reformer Classes and Group Floor Classes. All Classes and Private appointments can be scheduled online. Please click the button below to be connected to Schedulicity booking:
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Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance of scheduled time.





New Student 2 Pack $50
4 Pack $120 $64
8 Pack $220 $112
Single $35 $18




Maximum 3 participants, per class

  • MIXED LEVEL REFORMER: Building skills beyond Reformer Fundamentals to challenge precision, breath, and endurance. Appropriate for students with some movement experience.
  • REFORMER INTERMEDIATE: Practice of the Intermediate Pilates repertoire and more complex choreography. A solid mastery of beginning level Pilates required.



  • FLETCHER PILATES® FLOW: Move the whole body in a flowing  progression from floor to standing, using exercises from Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, and Mat repertoire. Discover new shoulders, better posture, a strong belly, a more flexible spine, and the joy of movement.
  • BARREWORK & FLOORWORK: A multi-faceted Fletcher Pilates® program combining elegant, ballet based Barre exercises with the dynamic and unique Graham-based Floorwork. Develop strong legs, torso, and back muscles at the Barre. Move from your core with innovative choreography.
  • BARREWORK & BARRELS: Partnering Barrework with the challenging abdominal and back exercises on the Small Barrel. Create a supple, fit body.
  • TOWELWORK: Learn to move with the unique Fletcher braided towel. A thorough and demanding system designed to stabilize the shoulder girdle while engaging the whole body in movement. Improve posture, strength, and balance.
  • FLETCHER PILATES® MAT: Practice a precise and continuous sequence of Pilates Mat exercises designed for overall strengthening of abdominal and back muscles, while increasing flexibility and stamina.



pilates_classes_east_bay3• New Student Privates $140 ( 2 Sessions)
• Single Private $85
• 8 Privates $600
• Single Semi-Private $60 ( per Person)
• 4 Semi-Private $220 ( per Person)


Private or Semi-Private (2 people) Pilates Sessions are by appointment only.
Please telephone: 510.250.9621 to schedule.

Sessions are customized to an individual’s goals and fitness level.
Larger packages of private sessions available.