We offer Group Reformer Classes and Group Floor Classes. All Classes and Private appointments can be scheduled online. Please click this MindBodyOnline link to be directly connected to Scheduler.  Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance of scheduled time.





New Student 2 Pack $50 $25
4 Pack $120 $64
8 Pack $220 $112
Single $35 $18




Maximum 3 participants, per class

  • MIXED LEVEL REFORMER: Building skills beyond Reformer Fundamentals to challenge precision, breath, and endurance. Appropriate for students with some movement experience.
  • REFORMER INTERMEDIATE: Practice of the Intermediate Pilates repertoire and more complex choreography. A solid mastery of beginning level Pilates required.



  • FLETCHER PILATES® FLOW: Move the whole body in a flowing  progression from floor to standing, using exercises from Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, and Mat repertoire. Discover new shoulders, better posture, a strong belly, a more flexible spine, and the joy of movement.
  • BARREWORK & FLOORWORK: A multi-faceted Fletcher Pilates® program combining elegant, ballet based Barre exercises with the dynamic and unique Graham-based Floorwork. Develop strong legs, torso, and back muscles at the Barre. Move from your core with innovative choreography.
  • BARREWORK & BARRELS: Partnering Barrework with the challenging abdominal and back exercises on the Small Barrel. Create a supple, fit body.
  • TOWELWORK: Learn to move with the unique Fletcher braided towel. A thorough and demanding system designed to stabilize the shoulder girdle while engaging the whole body in movement. Improve posture, strength, and balance.
  • FLETCHER PILATES® MAT: Practice a precise and continuous sequence of Pilates Mat exercises designed for overall strengthening of abdominal and back muscles, while increasing flexibility and stamina.



pilates_classes_east_bay3• New Student Privates $135 ( 2 Sessions)
• Single Private $85
• 8 Privates $600
• Single Semi-Private $60 ( per Person)
• 4 Semi-Private $220 ( per Person)


Private or Semi-Private (2 people) Pilates Sessions can be scheduled online by clicking link or by telephone: 510.250.9621.
Sessions are customized to an individual’s goals and fitness level.
Larger packages of private sessions available.